The only thing worse than fumbling a half-court shot for a $55,000 prize on national television? Fumbling a half-court shot for a $55,000 prize on national television … and tearing your Achilles tendon in the process.

This nightmarish scenario became a reality for Anthony, a Los Angeles Lakers fan who was given the Hank Hill-ian task of landing the tricky shot for a five-figure prize during the SoCal team’s game against the Houston Rockets on Sunday.

Despite his apparent confidence, telling the fans at Crypto Arena that  "this is what I do," he was quickly — and very painfully — humbled, stumbling forward and visibly rolling his ankle while attempting to land the basket.

Though at first, it appeared his dramatic tumble was simply a play from the LeBron James School of Acting, his refusal to redo the shot was a tell-tale sign that he was actually injured, having allegedly torn his Achilles.

So take it from this hurt fan — all is fair in love, war, and evidently novelty three-pointer contests.