I’m no capitalism expert, but it’s my understanding that in general, most companies encourage people to give them money in exchange for goods and services so they can turn a profit. Kerby Jean-Raymond’s Pyer Moss, which turns 10 this year, is taking a slightly different approach, and encouraging customers to rob them.

According to a note on its website, in celebration of its 10th year, Pyer Moss is selling tickets to a ‘Loot Out’ in late December at a New York City location. The note explains, “The Loot-Out draws inspiration from the luxury fashion industry’s global decline, the burgeoning dupe culture, and the recent looting sprees across America.”

It continues, “This innovative sales event offers a unique and exhilarating shopping experience. Attendees will have the chance to grab as much as they can physically wear out the door within a time limit of either 1 or 5 minutes.” The one-minute experience costs $100, while the 5-minute experience costs $300.

Responses to the announcement were mixed. One person commented, “We’ve moved beyond fashion and art. This is theater,” while someone else wrote, “ not me practicing with my own clothes in my closet #strategy,” and someone else pointed out that this is essentially an episode of Supermarket Sweep.

Others were more critical, with one person commenting, “Why would you do this or encourage this behavior? This is so fucked up. Our culture is so backwards and upside down. So why promote this?” while another person commented, “Black people are not criminals; why is this funny? Y’all want to laugh and make light but stealing isn’t ok. The people who work at stores, living on [minimum] wages lose their jobs when people do this; why can’t we do better? Support the culture by putting your money into black businesses. This is a fail but good for you getting clicks.”

If Black Friday is anything to go by, this event is guaranteed to be a complete disaster, although it’s already succeeded in generating buzz for Pyer Moss, a brand that has otherwise had a quiet year with no new releases. Keep an eye on social media for the inevitable looting hauls and brawls that this Loot Out will spawn.