Last week, a press email was sent to a bunch of young female BookTok creators, asking them to advertise a new book by making racy TikToks —some involving partial nudity.

Bestselling author and James Patterson ghostwriter, J.D. Barker has a new book called Behind A Closed Door that is described as "50 Shades meets David Fincher’s The Game." The press email added suggestions to the type of content Barker was looking for to promote the book.

@kindagayash @Siân | Booktok thank u for speaking up & encouraging me to do so #kindagayash #toxicauthors #bookdrama #booktokdrama #bookrant ♬ original sound - Ashli | BookTok

In one suggestion, the text would read “Who doesn’t like relaxing with a good book” and the camera would “pan up or down the body using only the book to cover up your naughty bits.” Another suggestion asked for a cheeky video revealing the most taboo place the creator has ever had sex.

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What’s the compensation for making physically revealing content for a book about a sexually deviant fake app? Well, the pay scale, according to followers, meant creators with 5 to 15k followers were offered $250 for nearly showing tits for TikTok. EXCUSE ME SIR?!?!?! #greenscreen #BookTok #thepagesage #booktokfyp #booktokdrama #booktokdramaoftheday #jdbarker #jdbarkerauthor #bookworm #bookishthoughts #bookrecs #readerthings #bookishhumor #bookwormstruggles #booktokinfluencer #bookreviewer #bookreviews #bookishfyp #bestofbooktok #influencersinthewild ♬ The Pink Panther - Main Theme - Geek Music

It gets even worse further down the email where it states that J.D. Barker would “personally review each video and either approve it (triggering payment) or offer suggestions.” So a content creator could submit a “bad” video showing side boob and not be compensated $100 per her 3k following.

@booksofaginger I am BEGGING authors to use PR companies if they want to interact with book influencers for promo as these kind of emails are predatory, creepy, and downright offensive to receive. Why would i ever want to promote an author who thinks the only way i can do it is by means like this? #authorsbehavingbadly #authorsoftiktok #authorsofbooktok #booktok #bookish #bookishthoughts #bookishtiktok #bookthoughts #bookopinions #bookishopinions #bookdiscussion #booksofaginger #booktoker #bookproblems #bookpromo #bookishcontent #bookishcontentcreator #bookcommunity #bookishcommunity ♬ original sound - Siân | Booktok

“The most creepiest and predatory behavior I’ve ever experienced from an author,” said @kindagayash in her video exposing the email. Dozens of BookTok creators joined in putting Barker on blast for the email.

Barker quickly made a statement saying that the email was the doing of a random PR firm with access to his personal email. Though the original email listed J.D. Barker as one of the founders of his PR firm, BestOfBookTok. The author still contends that he did personally send that email soliciting content creators.

@booksofaginger Shout out to all the amazing creators who called him out like @Amy May @Just Fork It @Marissa | Spicy BookTok ️ @Madison•Booktok @Ashli | BookTok and so many others! we may not have got accountability but hopefully this will make authors rethink future interactions with both bookish content creators and just content creators in general. Backstory: @Siân | Booktok #booktok #booktoker #authorsbehavingbadly #authorsoftiktok #authorsofbooktok #bookish #bookishthoughts #bookthoughts #bookopinions #bookishopinions #bookdiscussion #booksofaginger #bookproblems #bookpromo #bookishcontent #bookishcontentcreator #bookcommunity #bookishcommunity #books #thrillerbooks ♬ original sound - Siân | Booktok

He spoke to Kelsey Weekman of YahooNews on the matter, stating:

“I'm horrified such a message was released. And I deeply regret the hurt I've caused to those who received it. I have nothing but respect for the writing community and the people who champion it and I've let all of you down.

I have nothing but the deepest respect for women. I'm a husband. I'm a father. There is no excuse for the insensitivity demonstrated by my actions. The weight created by those actions is inexcusable. I can and will do better.

The written word is something I cherish. Words have a power. And sometimes they can hurt more than the most dangerous weapon. Knowing I've wielded that weapon and injured is something that will weigh on me for the remainder of my days. If you were impacted by this, I am truly sorry.”

I’m sorry to break it to this man but a father who knows that words are the “most generous weapon” would also say the phrase “naughty bits” and lowball a girl in her 20s for a picture of cleavage.