Hate choosing between practicing your skateboarding and lifting hundreds of pounds? One extremely buff boarder in Christ proved that skating and powerlifting don’t have to be an either/or ordeal, risking his ankles to prove that yes, men can have it all.

Powerlifter @mikeymaybeme headed to TikTok with a glimpse at what he claimed was his preparation for his first badminton tournament this week, balancing atop a shaky skateboard while holding what appears to be a 45-pound barbell with 45-pound plates on either side. 

@mikeymaybeme I am a Trained Professional #badminton #sports #strengthtraining #gym #bodybuilding #powerlifting #skateboarding ♬ original sound - mikeymaybeme

Yet simply balancing wasn't enough of a challenge for the fitness creator. Several seconds in, he achieved what few could do sans, several heavyweights, successfully landing a kickflip.

“I am a trained professional,” he captioned his now-viral video, remaining eerily tight-lipped on what, exactly, he was a professional at.

But regardless of the answer, one thing is certain — no matter how athletic you are, you will never be as athletic as the kick-flipping powerlifter.