Some people buy a truck and think they know how to do DIY. In many cases, these people either end up building Groverhaus or becoming a recipient of a Darwin Award. In others, they use their perceived powers and intellect to actually build something nice — but also almost kill someone *else* in the process.

We don’t know what this man was trying to build, but we do know that he couldn’t figure out how to secure lumber in his trailer. As a result, the dude driving behind him almost ended up with a 2 by 4 through the skull.

In the video, a piece of wood comes flying out of the trailer and smashes into OP’s car. Thankfully, the mighty bumper of his GTI was able to turn the wood into splinters, but that didn’t stop him from being justifiably freaked out about the situation.

For those who are curious, if you’re in this situation, you’re supposed to call the local police and report the incident to your insurance. If things work out in your favor, the guy could be on the hook for your repair costs, or your insurance might decide that your 2003 GTI isn’t worth fixing and just give you the car’s perceived value in cash. Good news, OP — you could be looking at almost $30! (Just kidding; he’s more than likely going to be able to get a couple grand out of this, provided that the insurance company cooperates).

A word of advice: If you’re going to be towing lumber, take two seconds to ask the guy at Home Depot if you’ve secured it correctly. Otherwise, you might kill someone — or at the very least, have to pay for a new bumper for a 20-year-old car.