With apartment prices skyrocketing around the world, it’s no surprise that some people are turning to alternative forms of housing. Take this man in China, who decided to forgo the cost of a pricey Shanghai apartment by just living in a shopping mall.

Video from the people who discovered the man show quite the setup. He’s got a tent for sleeping, a computer and desk for browsing the internet (and gaming, of course), and a surprisingly high-end chair for someone who sleeps next to a Cinnabon.

According to Metro, this mystery man had been keeping up this living arrangement for six months, only being caught once during his entire half-year stay. “One security guard actually stumbled across him months ago, but let him stay out of pity when the man claimed he ‘needed a place to study,’” writes Sarah Hooper. “But on October 30th, another guard came across the man and arrested him for the illegal makeshift home.”

As the New York Post notes, this isn’t the first time that people in China have been caught sleeping where they’re not supposed to. “Ikea China customers have been known for napping with abandon in the Swedish furniture firm’s display beds — a trend became so rampant that the Beijing branches banned the practice in 2016.”

Of course, China’s not alone in this, as evidenced by the 2021 TikTok trend of “lock yourself in an IKEA overnight and see what happens” (spoiler alert: you get in trouble).

Still, we can only hope that this man managed to find a new spot. I would suggest camping out near a Brookstone — those massage chairs are a dream, and you’ll be basically invisible. After all, who the hell is actually shopping at a Brookstone anyway?