We can all admit that Amazon isn’t great about placing packages where you want them to. That said, there’s got to be a better solution than this.

Per the Daily Mail, a West London building manager named Ramin Razzaghi was going about his day when he spotted an Amazon delivery person dropping off packages in his building. However, upon noticing that the delivery driver had left the packages with reception, Razzaghi appeared to get Terminator vision and make a snap decision: This guy’s gotta go.

At the beginning, Razzaghi simply grabs the Amazon delivery driver’s bag, who attempts to shrug it off. However, as the video progresses, we can see that the delivery driver has been trapped inside the building due to the door not opening — an opportunity that Razzaghi uses to strike him.

What proceeds is an all-out fight. Despite using a wheelchair due to a workplace injury, Razzaghi decides to physically confront the man, who ends up being willing and able to return his blows. On multiple occasions, the delivery driver even attempts to leave, only to be pulled back in by Razzaghi. Jesus, man, give it a rest!

Eventually, the fight is broken up by a third man. Excuse me, did I say broken up? I meant “transferred over to,” as Razzaghi and this mysterious third man duke it out until the video’s conclusion.

I know what you’re thinking: This seems pretty straightforward. Man punches other man; other man punches back, etc. However, to hear Razzaghi tell it, he’s actually the victim in all of this. He claims he had asked the delivery driver to drop packages off at each individual door. When the driver did not do so, Razzaghi decided to try to keep him in the building.

“[I] tried to stop the postman by grabbing his bag and I told him ‘give me your bag now’ so I can put the parcels back,” Razzaghi explained. “Next thing, he threw the bag into my face and walked out swearing. He had a bad mouth on him. He then tried to get me off him, but I told him, ‘You know what I will hold you here and call the police.’”

At this point, Razzaghi claims that the delivery person became aggressive with *him.* Bro, we can see the video!

There’s no update on how this whole situation will shake out criminally, but if Razzaghi thinks this will make it so his packages actually get dropped off at his front door, he’s dead wrong.