Though the horndogs of the internet may go crazy for pretty much any celebrity on OnlyFans, shelling out big bucks for Belle Delphine, The Sopranos’ Drea de Matteo, and hell, even Denise Richards and her daughter, there is one star they most definitely do not wanna see in the nude — the Atlanta Hawks mascot.

The southern NBA staple decided to hop on the sex work train on Thursday … well sorta, promoting the league’s in-season tournament with an absurd OnlyFans parody.

"Only Hawks fans know where the real action is," began the now-viral clip, depicting Harry the Hawk laying seductively — or as seductively as a non-Gritty pro sports mascot can — in a non-descript bed.

"Only Hawks fans know what they really wanna see,” the narration continued. “And only Hawks fans know just where to get it. The all-new NBA in-season tournament.”

Despite the advert’s promise of “hot five-on-five action,” fans — and a handful of Hawks players — weren’t sold, heading to Twitter with a resounding what the actual f—k.

“MANNNNNNN DELETE THIS SHIT!!!!!!!” Dejounte Murray, the starting shooting guard for the Hawks wrote alongside the offending video, while point guard Trae Young reiterated that he “had no part of this.”

But it wasn’t just pro ballers who were peeved about the OnlyFans-themed advertisement.

“How do I go back to 30 seconds ago when i hadn’t seen this?” asked @mollyhannahm, we @chisportsross began questioning whether this strategy would work for other NBA teams.

“The Chicago Bulls don’t need an Only Fans I watch them get f–d on TV every other night,” they added.

So take it from these fans and athletes — the only time it’s ever acceptable to sell your body is when its to a $10 billion corporate machine!