Though hockey referees have seen it all, from an angry mob of little league parents to a player’s throat getting slashed open mid-game, one fed-up NHL official finally decided that enough was enough, hitting every single player on the ice with a 10-minute misconduct penalty after a massive brawl broke out in the rink.

While the entirety of Monday night’s game between the Florida Panthers and the Ottawa Senators was a match best described as really f—king brutal, tensions between the two teams came to a head during the third period, when the Panthers’ Dmitry Kulikov checked the Senators’ Brady Tkachuk into the board.

As the pair began scrapping, several of their teammates joined in, sticks, fists, and probably some very harsh words flying as the competitors duked out their on-ice beef. But as their fight enthralled attendees and at-home viewers alike, one of the game’s referees was most definitely not amused.

“Every player on the ice has a 10-minute misconduct,” he announced, prompting several players to hit the locker rooms with just seven minutes of play left.


“Every player on the ice has a 10-minute misconduct, among other penalties.” (: @ballysportsflorida/IG)

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Though the Panthers ultimately emerged victorious, winning the game 5-0, it’s safe to say the petty ref, and the petty ref alone, was the real winner of the night.