A small order of fries from McDonald’s is, on average, less than $4. It’s not nothing, but I think it’s safe to say that anything worth less than $5 isn’t worth getting into a prolonged argument about.

However, this man didn’t learn that lesson. In a video posted to TikTok, a customer says that he ordered three large fries, but only received — and crucially, was only charged for — two large fries (I know, a tragedy on par with the Challenger).

For some reason, this man thinks that this mistake — which again, didn’t result in any additional charges for him — means that he should have his whole meal refunded.

@sarah_conner1 McDonald's customer wants refund on fries that he wasn't charged for #mcdonalds #mcdonaldsfries #refundfries #customerservice #freakouts ♬ original sound - SarahConner

Over the course of the video, the employees try to calmly explain that they can either charge him for another set of fries or he can be happy with the fries he has. This male Karen isn’t having it, asking to talk to the manager before insisting on a full refund.

Amazingly, this video was taken from the perspective of the customer, which means that he genuinely believed that people watching it would be on his side. As expected, viewers were not. “You go to McDonald’s and demand fine dining service, and you’re fighting for $2.91,” wrote one user. “He wants a refund on something he didn’t pay. Manager was giving him the third fries free,” observed another. “Just give him the refund. He pay $0. Refund him $0. Just pretend doing something on the machine and tell him it’ll show up after some time,” suggested a third.

At the very least, this customer should know better than to return to that McDonald’s in the future — unless his favorite Big Mac topping is loogie.