Although two-thirds of his name may be “Machine Gun,” Machine Gun Kelly clearly has a thing or two to learn about protection.

The rapper and his “twin flame” Megan Fox recently dropped by the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California, where the Transformers alum found herself caught in the crossfire after a would-be attacker went after Kelly.

As the pair disembarked an amusement park ride at the fair (who knew they’d be fair people, honestly?), an unknown passerby ambushed Kelly, punching him in the face. Security quickly intervened, but Fox was thrown into a barricade amid the havoc, an accident that peeved several of the actress’ fans.

“How  does security smashing Megan Fox up against the gates to protect MGK make ANY sense???,” asked an outraged @MediumSizeMeech.

Of course, none of this stopped people from asking the main question still on their mind about the couple: “They still together?” joked @SweetCarmel77.