Move over blind people, African children and Twitch e-girls  — YouTube charity porn star MrBeast has hinted at the latest benefactor of his borderline-exploitative philanthropy — the global banking system.

Last week, MrBeast — a.k.a. The alter ego of man-beaver  Jimmy Donaldson — took a break from his busy schedule of serving glass-shard-infused burgers through his national chain of ghost kitchens and cosplaying as Jesus to heed a fan’s inquiry questioning the effectiveness of throwing money at problems: Could Donaldson singlehandedly solve the banking crisis (that is *definitely* not a crisis, per Rep. Jeff Jackson’s TikTok page). 

“Hey @MrBeast can you bail out the banks?” asked @happeningsllc in the wake of SVB, Signature Bank and Credit Suisse’s respective collapses.

Donaldson, humble as ever, played coy — probably pondering whether salvaging the economy would garner as many clicks and views as crying poor people in his Youtube thumbnails.

“I’ll consider it,” he curtly replied, a response that garnered nearly 8,000 likes … and a chorus of well-warranted “bruh”-s.

Despite Donaldson’s vague intentions,  yet another factor may emerge a roadblock in his wannabe-Batman capitalist pursuits — swaying the respective Silicon Valley/Wall Street overlords into voluntarily being exploited for clicks. After all, not everyone can be this homeless guy.