One Nashville man learned that racism is a whole lot worse than an innocent man selling fruit on the side of the road, landing under arrest after destroying a local street vendor’s fruit cart.

David Johnson earned certified male Karen status over the weekend, shooting to viral infamy after flipping out at fellow resident Diego Parada for committing the cardinal sin of running a fruit stand in their Tennessee neighborhood.

Racist POS destroys street vendors business
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“Do you see that sign? Get out!” Johnson yelled moments after throwing Parada’s tables and merchandise into the road, ultimately causing roughly $3,000 worth of damage.

Beyond finding himself at the center of an internet firestorm — “That’s wickedness. Evil in daylight,” wrote @K2_NUL, one of the several angry commenters calling Johnson on his bad behavior — the Tennessee resident also faced the wrath of the law, facing charges of felony vandalism, according to local ABC News affiliate, WKRN-TV.

In an interview shortly after the incident, Parada proved that none of this racist macho bulls—t was even necessary, reiterating that he would have happily set up shop somewhere else had Johnson treated him with respect.

“The guy got really violent; he became very aggressive,” he recalled of their interaction. “If he could have asked me to leave nicely or, ‘Hey, this is my property. Can you leave?’ I will go, you know? I respect people’s property.”

So take it from Johnson — Fruit Ninja is best left to our old high school iPods.