Xtina who? Though she may be one of the most iconic figures in pop music, fans just can’t seem to recognize Christina Aguilera after she debuted what several have dubbed her “new face” in a recent sponsored TikTok video.

While the clip, one made as an advertisement for Australian UberEats equivalent Menulog, was intended to focus on the contents of her handbag — and her apparent penchant for huffing peppermint oil — the “Genie in a Bottle” singer’s face managed to steal the show, baffling not only her TikTok viewers but launching an entire debate on Twitter.

@xtina Check out #WhatsInMyBag with @menulog #AD ♬ original sound - Christina Aguilera

“Name That TikTok Influencer,” Twitter user @hello__caitlin captioned her re-upload of the clip.

Though several people,  including a good number of the eBaum’s World editorial staff, were stumped by the context-free video — “I promise you know who this is and also will never guess who this is,” @TheWapplehouse wrote alongside the video — they all somehow deduced the blonde influencer was, in fact, Xtina.

“She looks beautiful but also NOTHING like herself?!” added @muddaub, noting that
“It's gotta be weird looking in the mirror and seeing a different person.”

“Is this a face/off situation?” asked @AlmightyBoob, while @_parasocial expressed their bewilderment at her new look.


“That profile is a dead give away but from the front I'm very confused,” they wrote.

But not everyone was shocked — namely, extremely horny ‘90s dudes. As @notamateurhour so aptly put it, “Come on when you’re a male of my age you’ll recognize her anywhere anytime in an instant.”