Move over, string lights, fruitcakes, and evergreens, another symbol of the Holiday Season is being forced upon us — little red trucks hauling Christmas trees.

Likely the product of companies desperately attempting to profit on Christmas Decor “for him,” several men have found themselves flooded by the sight of aesthetic-in-transit trees, including @MeLLo_YoShi who headed to TikTok to flaunt his latest haul — courtesy of his mother.

@mello_yoshi Believe it or not theres more #goviral #foryou #trending #foryoupage #merrychristmas #treefarm #littleredtrucks #littleredtruck ♬ original sound - MeLLo_YoShi

“Yo, look at these Christmas decorations my mama got me,” the car creator began his latest viral clip, flaunting his new coffee cup. “She got me this little mug with a little red truck hauling a Christmas tree!”

But his mother didn’t stop there. Throughout the nearly minute-long video, the creator, with his thick southern accent, began recounting the latest additions to his home, an impressive collection including two light-up figurines, one non-light-up figurine, a doormat, a trio of decorative towels, an oven mitt, a box, a stocking and what appears to be a spoon holder all featuring a little red truck hauling a Christmas tree.

“Believe it or not, there’s more,” he teased in his caption.

While @MeLLo_YoShi ultimately went on to flaunt several other pieces in his little red truck hauling a Christmas tree collection, @__dylanlee__ got something even better — seeing the real thing for himself.

“Well I’ll be dipped in s—t,” he said as a live-action version of the new motif emerged before him on a foggy, wintery road. “That’s a little red truck hauling a Christmas tree.”

@__dylanlee__ #littleredtruck #christmastree #fyp ♬ original sound - MeLLo_YoShi

While we may never know how or why little red trucks have become the official method of Christmas tree transport, one thing is certain — they are the southern man’s  holiday equivalent of “Live Laugh Love.”