A ferry full of very unlucky tourists found themselves in an accidental Blue Lagoon reboot during a recent trip to the Bahamas, getting stranded in the Caribbean nation’s clear waters after their boat capsized.

Dog mommy blogger Kelly Schissel headed to TikTok on Tuesday to share the bizarre footage from the strangely sirene maritime incident, one commenters dubbed the “Blue Lagoon immersive experience.”

@kellyswitz our ferry went down on our way to Blue Lagoon #shipwreck #boat #boatsinking #bluelagoon #bahamas #ferry ? original sound - Kelly Schissel

“Our boat is sinking, so that’s fun,” Schissel can be heard saying from behind the camera, her fellow passengers huddled on the other side of the boat away from the rising tides.

As the boat continued to flood to the sound of screams and expletives, the tourists decided to literally jump ship, diving into the waters below.

Though one 75-year-old woman may have died in the ordeal with two others facing injuries, one thing is certain — to paraphrase TikTok commenter @odbrittany, if we were on a sinking boat, that’s most definitely where we’d want to be.