Conspiracy theorists are now claiming they have proof that the moon landing is fake after a YouTuber analyzed something strange about a photo taken from 1972.

Streetcap1 has claimed in a video that he has found evidence of a faked moon landing by Apollo 17 that Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt had completed.

The Youtuber said, "There is no backpack on the figure and even allowing for visual distortion due to the visor, surely you would see a backpack because they were extremely large."

"This is from a moon photograph, but it’s a reflection from one of the astronaut’s face visors. I thought it looked a bit strange, so I took a picture of it using my software. There was some dispute way back in 2009 as to the legitimacy of these photos, whether somebody discovered this I don’t know, but it certainly hasn’t popped up on Google."

"Where’s this guy’s space suit?" He asked his viewers.

Streetcap1 has around 100,000 followers on Youtube many of which believe these conspiracies that he suggests.

One commenter said, "I’ve always thought it was a hoax since we didn’t go back in modern times."

However, their agreement was quickly shut down by someone saying, "To me it clearly looks like another astronaut with the white, bulky spacesuit. you can see that he has both arms slightly stretched forward and the shadow shows the bulkyness of the spacesuit, including the life support on his back."

Another added, "All I can see is an astronaut being distorted by the curved reflection on the helmet. You could say it looks like anything, it could be a space alien. but its not... It's just an astronaut that's looking kinda weird do to how reflections and how blowing up a frame from an old video turns out."

Streetcap1 is back to the drawing board, enlarging images from the 70s and making wild claims that are difficult to back up. Let's see what revelation they come up with next.