We used to be a proper country. We used to pick on the right people (bankers and union-busters), but we've gone soft. Our collective agreement for who we should and shouldn't pick on; unbecoming politicians; rich assholes; capitalists; has been eroded and made us weak.

It seems we will vote for whoever promises the most harm to our opponents, even if the person we're voting for laughs funny or is evil. 

Ron DeSantis is expected to officially announce his candidacy for president on May 29, in his hometown of Dunedin, Florida. DeSantis' campaign has been disguised as a 'book tour' which he is allegedly using state funds to sponsor. And DeSantis seems to be having a blast, at least judging by the sounds coming out of his mouth.

Does this look like the face of a man who has been accused of grooming underage women and hit with attack ads dubbing him 'pudding fingers' by his opponent?

'Pudding Fingers Ron' is currently in a fight with Disney over the mouse's right to rule Florida with impunity (and why the Pixar moms are so thick), that taking on Trump while laughing like a hyena won't crack this nut. 

Presidential campaigns have been tanked for less. Think Howard Dean and his scream, or Hillary Clinton and that photo of her in a kitchen. 

Can 'Meatball Ron' laugh his way to the oval office? Or will his 'pudding fingers' dirty his way once he officially announces his run? Regardless, we shouldn't let someone with a laugh like this run for president.