Everyone has days where they’d rather not work, but usually, you just call in sick or power through. Not if you’re this particular Samsung technician, who has now gone viral for his rather egregious attempt to get out of fixing someone’s TV.

In the video, the technician can be seen scratching the television with box cutters while the owner is out of the room resetting the circuit breaker in what the owner describes as an attempt to void the warranty and thus get out of fixing the television. As the owner explains, the mark that he originally called Samsung about was covered by their warranty and would’ve required the technician to take the TV apart to repair it. Since he couldn’t be bothered to do that, he created physical damage and tried to claim the warranty had been voided, and thus, he wasn’t required to repair anything.

Samsung eventually replaced the TV, and also called the man and let him know that higher-ups at the company had seen the video and were appalled; in addition, they let him know that the technician had been fired.

Commenters were amazed at how relaxed the technician appeared while cutting someone’s TV. One person wrote, “Oh he [has] definitely done this before. There was no hesitation on [sic] his movements. He isn’t [sic] even nervous when he cut that screen. He was so chill about it.” Another argued, “He lured you out of the room then thought if he reset the breaker all the cameras would be disabled.” Sinister stuff.

YouTuber Louis Rossman made his own video about the incident in which he criticizes the way platforms like Google prevent third-party repair techs from advertising despite claiming they support the right to repair. Redditors, upon discovering that Reddit had removed the first post featuring this video, suggested that something similar was taking place on the site, with a commenter arguing, “Samsung astroturfs and pushes out spam on Reddit via the u/SamsungMobileUS account, which is fully backed by Reddit. This is the same account that hosted an AMA where they deleted 90% of the comments. So naturally, if Samsung whines about a post on Reddit, the admins will pull it down.”

None of this comes as no surprise to anyone even slightly familiar with late-stage capitalism, but it’s always good to have our suspicions confirmed. And hey, at least that guy got a replacement TV.