Though some cats may ask for Meow Mix by name, it seems one rescue cat has a much more refined request for their meals — a freshly tossed salad.

Late last month, cat owner @the_shags2021 headed to TikTok with a glimpse at their rescue cat, Shaggy’s, boujee dinnertime preferences, ones that feature a healthy addition of mixed greens.

“My cat has started to refuse to eat his wet food unless it comes with a side [salad],” they captioned the now-viral video, adding the salad emoji for emphasis.

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Despite the horde of comments sparking questions about “whisker fatigue,” an apparently real ailment, and comments about her expensive taste — “He’s just cleansing his palette between bites,” added @izra —  it seems this kitty may be onto something. According to Martha Stewart’s website, “Leafy green vegetables have a lot of vitamins and nutrients that can be very beneficial to your cat,” but even with these benefits, which include Vitamin A and copper, veggies “should only make up five to ten percent” of any cat’s diet.

We can only hope that @the_shags2021 draws a line in the kitty litter with this one, lest she be forced to fill kitty’s bowl with only the finest sparkling water.