When the seas finally rise up and envelop the earth, they’ll bring with them loads upon loads of disposable vapes.

While disposable vapes aren’t exactly new, their rise in recent years has been catastrophic. Go to any gas station and you’ll see an array of colorful, plastic disposable nicotine delivery devices with flavors like “bubble gum” and “cool raspberry” — you know, the flavors you create if you’re definitely marketing to adults.

The glut of these devices is causing issues. In the U.K. alone, vaping has grown in popularity by about 50 percent year over year, and about 10,000 kilograms of lithium from e-cigarettes end up in the country’s landfills annually. C’mon, U.K. — we could have been using those to make cars that explode!


We’re doomed

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Lately, however, there’s a new concern with disposable vapes. In short, when your vape dies, it gives you a blinking light. However, if you leave it for a little bit, you can usually take a few more hits — a form of addiction that Gen-Zers adorably dub “hitting blinkers.”

If you do this, you’re more than likely going to taste something burning. This is because the vape is dead, and you’re effectively trying to inhale the vape’s non-liquid contents. Gen-Z also has a term for this: Vaping until it “tastes like technology.”

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There’s no telling what those technology flavored hits are doing to your body. Like, there’s literally no telling, as we do not know the long-term effects of vaping with these plastic beasts. With current data, if your choices are between vaping and smoking, vaping appears to be the better choice — and if you ever try to quit, the ability to gradually lower your nicotine intake with a vape is immeasurably helpful.

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Still, we don’t know what trying to inhale the contents of a Chinese vape factory does to your lungs. In my personal opinion, it can’t be good.