Modern society is not designed with Android users in mind. iPhones are the default, and iPhone users aren’t shy about making that fact known, often bullying their Android-owning friends for things like not having iMessage and thus having the dreaded green text bubbles in conversations, although Apple is introducing RCS support next year which will hopefully improve iPhone-Android relations.

Now, Android users can’t even get robbed like the rest of us, as the husband of one DC-based Uber Eats driver recently discovered after thieves returned his phone because it wasn’t an iPhone. According to a woman who asked not to be identified, two masked men with guns robbed her husband as he was parking their car.

She told WJLA, "As soon as he parked the car two masked gentlemen came up to him, armed. They robbed him, took everything he had in his pockets, took the keys to my truck and got in and pulled off.”

She added that they initially took his phone before returning it, telling reporters, "They basically looked at that phone and was like 'Oh, that's an Android? We don't want this. I thought it was an iPhone.'"

The r/Android subreddit had a field day with the story, with the top comment offering a suggestion for an alternative headline: "Compared to iPhones, Android phones appear to be theft-proof." Honestly, this is a better advertisement for Android phones than anything a marketing team could come up with. Although it’s worth noting, as one commenter did, that the claim that the thieves returned the phone came from the wife, rather than the thieves themselves - for all we know, they returned the phone because they didn’t want to be tracked. But still, suspending one’s disbelief is fun every once in a while, no?