Despite their reputation as big, burly dudes looming above the mosh pit and frowning upon crowd surfing, it appears there is one thing concert security guards actually fear — the musical stylings of Cannibal Corpse.

A group of polo-clad security guards recently received what may be the scare of their careers after listening to the death metal icons introduce their totally family-friendly hit, “I Cum Blood.”

@berginpoika Security reacting to cannibal corpse #cannibalcorpse #corpsegrinder #deathmetal ♬ alkuperäinen ääni - berginpoika

“This is a fun little song about shooting blood from your c—k!,” frontman George Fisher yelled towards the audience during a recent performance.

Though the crowd appeared to love the song’s hardcore introduction,  several die-hard fans yelling along to the interlude, the security guards lining the stage were visibly less-than-thrilled to find themselves in the throes of a song about nutting blood, sharing nervous glances.

“Sounds fun until it happens to you!” he continued, prompting a bout of laughter from one of the evidently shocked security guards.

We can only hope these security personnel got a raise after this wild night  — after all,  ACAB most definitely does not apply to guards down with death metal.