Though they may lurk in drains and only be called in times of toilet crisis, the internet has come to an all-too-late discovery about the importance of sewage workers — anything you can do, they can do better … and while coated head to toe in s—t.

This better-late-than-never appreciation all began on Tuesday when popular Twitter science and engineering page How Things Work paid tribute to what may be the dirtiest job with a clip of a man sucking a ton of sewage out of what appears to be a massive pipe.

“Drainage repair. Nothing but massive respect for each & every worker out doing jobs like this!” they wrote, commending these workers as “true heroes.” “Hope this man gets a good salary.”

Yet, How Things Work was far from alone in anointing these sewage workers with their well-deserved hero status, with several flocking to the comments to share just how much they revere our boys in brown.

“Every worker out there, tirelessly fixing our infrastructure, truly embodies the unsung hero,” wrote @AzharTheGreat. “They deserve not just a good salary, but our utmost respect and gratitude.”

“Thank you to each and every one out there who does any kind of such work!!” added @Gladlyel before calling for better on-site conditions for these poo-troopers. “That being said, the government better provide better equipments, safety tools and appropriate compensation for their work.”

But even amid all these questions, one stands out among the bunch: Thin brown line flag bumper sticker drop when?