Sigh… It brings me no pleasure to announce that it has happened again.

That’s right — after the woman who saw someone who wasn’t real, and following the other woman who freaked out while announcing she was being human trafficked, the skies have once again been taken over by crazy people with far too much to say.

In this case, it wasn’t one woman but two women terrorizing passengers, each offering their own unique take on the now-common genre of in-flight episodes.

In the video, a woman can be seen fighting and arguing with staff and other passengers. After a while, she attempts a Tough Mudder crawl across the top of the seats behind her, eating it after just one row.

“Stop blocking me!” she yells, apparently unaware of the many reasons why one would want to block her. Over the course of the rest of the video, she continues to howl and scream, sometimes alleging that she’s been kidnapped.

Of course, this woman is only part of the story. Once she’s been sedated, another woman shows up in the aisle and promptly begins to preach.

This new crazy lady says that the woman we just saw was “possessed” — and if you, fair passenger, want to avoid being in her position, you’ve gotta get right with Jesus Christ. Oh yeah, she also starts singing at some point (as if we needed more of that).

This video is cut from a longer video that was originally posted to Reddit. According to OP, this was their “little sister’s first experience flying by herself on Frontier.”

“A 3-hour flight from Houston to Denver turned into 6 hours because of this lady and having to stop in Dallas to drop her off,” they write in the caption.

By the end of the video, the police have arrived, and it seems like the situation has been resolved — whatever the situation was, I guess. How crazy.

Anyway, I’ll see you all next week when this almost surely happens again.