One Madrid man made one hell of a primetime debut on Tuesday, getting rejected and berated on live TV — and ultimately arrested — after groping a news anchor in the middle of her broadcast.

Channel Cuatro reporter Isa Balado was on the scene in the Spanish capital completing a live shot for a story on a local shop clerk who reportedly beat up an alleged robber when an unknown man — nay, creep — popped up behind her, ready to shoot his shot and apparently commit sexual assault.

“What channel are you from?” he asked moments after grabbing her behind, per an English translation from Brut America.

Though Balado initially let the perp off easy — “Just a second, we’re live,” she said appearing to scooch him out of the frame — her colleague, anchor Nacho Abad, was clearly having none of the man’s creepy behavior.

“Isa, sorry to interrupt, did he just touch your butt?” he asked a visibly uncomfortable. Balado replied in the affirmative.

“I don't get it, but can you show this man on screen, please?” he asked. “Show me this idiot, please!”

The reporter quickly obliged, turning the camera to the still-lurking groper. “Even if you want to know what channel we’re on, you don’t really need to touch my butt,” she said, noting that she was “live” and “working.”

While the creeper in question attempted to deny his handsy behavior — “I didn’t touch your butt,” he insisted — he quickly backed down, ultimately apologizing.

“I respect you, okay? I didn't want to touch your butt,” he said before Balado cut him off, shooing him away. The Channel Cuatro team ultimately contacted local authorities, who later confirmed they had taken the man into custody.

“Arrested for sexually assaulting a reporter while she was doing a live television show,” Spain’s National Police Corps tweeted alongside a video of the man being led away in handcuffs.

So take it from this creepy guy — don’t be an a–hole … especially not on live TV.