Flying over the Mediterranean Sea, an airforce refueling plane "accidentally" drew a phallic image in the sky while waiting to fill up fellow pilots. The drawing was near Tartus, Syria where just a few miles away is a Russian military base.

Some viewers took the drawing the wrong way and thought the military was mocking Russian troops, Vladimir Putin, and their ongoing war with Ukraine. However, Airforce officials have reassured everyone that this was a mistake and there was no intention to draw a penis in the sky.

Captain Ryan Goss, a spokesperson for the US Airforce said, "The KC-135 Stratotanker (RAKE71) operating in the Eastern Mediterranean adjusted between multiple different flight tracks during the course of the mission. While these adjustments and movements appear to create a vulgar outline, there was no intent by the pilots or the unit to do so."

Goss assured that 'they have the sincere intention of remaining professional in times of war and do not want to provoke any ill will towards other military groups.'

Nevertheless, the image is clear as day, that is one giant johnson.