Getting your car towed is a bummer. But getting your car towed to an illegal location, and then having it vandalized? Boy, that will really ruin your Tuesday.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to a woman named Julia Horan. According to her TikTok video, she was legally parked when a film shoot popped up in the area. When this happens, the NYPD is supposed to tow cars to a legal parking spot.

Rather than doing this, they towed her car to the middle of an intersection.

@juliahoran13 Some more information about the time the nypd chose to do a really great job moving my car to the “next available legal parking spot” while I was across the country for a funeral, for Law and Order filming!! Thanks!! #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen @New York City Police Dept. @NYPD @New York Blood Center #nyc #nypd #badcops #parking #nycfilms #vandal #bodycam #bodycamfootage ♬ original sound - Julia Horan

I’ve reached out to the NYPD in case they have any comment, but per Horan’s side of the story, she was out of town when all of this occurred. However, she was legally parked, as satellite imagery shows.

When she returned, she found her car had been vandalized, an act stemming from the NYPD’s decision to move her car to the middle of a goddamn intersection.

Even though this appears to be expressly the NYPD’s fault, Horan says they’re dragging their feet on resolving it. She’s been in touch with multiple agencies, talked to several businesses in the area with security cameras and even obtained bodycam footage from officers on the scene. The latter made her believe that even the officers knew something was amiss, as portions of the video have been muted.

God, I guess they really just don’t teach cops how to park, huh?