Though Saturday Night Live may seemingly have it all — iconic cast members, talented guests, and an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to on-set incidents — there is one thing the long-running sketch series notably lacks: Hot women, apparently.

Late last month, pop culture influencer Jahelis headed to TikTok with a hot take on the women of SNL, alleging that not a single “hot” woman has been a part of the series in its nearly half-century run.

“Am I the only person who has ever noticed that SNL has never hired a hot woman?” she began her infamous now-viral clip, before citing current cast member Heidi Gardner as a prime example of this phenomenon.

“In at least one skit per episode … she plays like, someone super hot and super dumb and the point of the joke is that she’s super pretty,” she explained. “It always makes me laugh because no offense to her, but she’s not that pretty.”

Despite taking care to clarify that she wasn’t “saying that every single woman who has been cast on SNL is ugly,” instead noting that these cast members’ looks “eventually grow on you,” the video quickly made its way to Twitter, where a whole lot of fans begged to differ.

“Are we seriously gonna say that Cecily isn't ‘hot’? Or Nasim Pedrad? Like, ‘conventionally’ hot. Get real,” wrote @EruditeElf.

“Y’all just don’t know a pretty princess when you see one,” @knopeselina captioned a fan cam of a young Amy Poehler while @arosegregory dubbed the video as an example of“Julia Louis-Dreyfus hotness erasure.”

But it wasn’t just fans getting in on the fun. Current cast member Sarah Sherman also sounded off on the clip, asking fans for space as she came to terms with her apparent homeliness.

“Just found out I’m not hot,” SNL star Sarah Sherman wrote alongside the clip. “Please give me and my family space to grieve privately and uglily at this time.”

While beauty, like most things in life, is truly in the eye of the beholder, we think @Navoski said it best: “Girl no offense... you need another prescription for those glasses.”