Jobs are full of surprises. Usually, it’s just a box of pizza as an apology for not being able to pay bonuses this year — but sometimes, a day on the job can be blessed with a glorious gift from space.

In this video posted to TikTok by Kyle Bowers (@kylebowers06), he shows what appears to be a meteorite that has crashed into the ground while working on the job.

@kylebowers06 Help me get ahold of NASA. Had a meteor fall in our job site today. Still mind blown. Craziest shit ive seen. #NASA #meteor #oregon #pnw #spacex #space ♬ original sound - Kyle Bowers

“What the fuck?” he says, which he helpfully adds to the text overlaying the video. “This motherfucker just fell from the sky…This motherfucker’s still smoking and shit. Insane.”

In the caption, he adds, “Help me get ahold of NASA…Still mind blown. Craziest shit ive seen.”

According to Iberdrola, “Most meteorites reach the Earth's surface in the form of dust or very small particles after passing through the atmosphere, which is why we do not normally see them. However, believe it or not, some 17,000 meteorites fall to Earth every year.” This means that, while it’s pretty cool, Bowers’ discovery isn’t all that rare.

That is if you believe Bowers that this is a real meteorite, which many in the comments don’t. “Damn, that meteor even knew how to dig a perfect hole instead of making a crater!” said one user. “Never seen a meteorite fall into a hole and not leave a crater. Must be a magic meteor,” echoed another. “The shovel marks on the sides of the hole make me think that this is 100% legit,” offered a third.

Still, some people dared to dream. “There’s got to be all kinds of precious metals inside it. Keep it!” exclaimed a TikToker. “I’m not a scientist but I think you just hit the lottery,” shared a second.

Whether this is a genuine meteorite or just a rock that Bowers decided to bury in the ground and cover in vape clouds is an open debate, but no matter what you think, it’s a pretty darn cool rock.