Though it appears no one is too thrilled about Lil Nas X’s latest single, “J Christ,” no one, from Pitchfork to pearl-clutching Christians is quite as unenthused as typically non-partisan streaming platform, Spotify.

Shortly after the song dropped on Friday morning, the overlords behind the streaming service’s official Twitter account decided to share how they really felt about the “Old Town Road” artist’s comeback, proceeding to tear him a new one with only seven words.

“LNX is back with more mid-music,” they wrote in what has already been counted among Twitter’s greatest roasts, peppering their unusually scathing review with a shrug emoji.

Despite this seemingly shocking statement and Lil Nas X’s peeved reply —

“me at the spotify headquarters tomorrow,” he captioned the now-viral gif of a judge getting tackled in a Las Vegas courtroom — no one was buying this beef.

“Paying Spotify to say shit about him so that it could gain traction and people would go listening to his music is a new level of desperation,” wrote one Twitter user alongside Spotify’s post.

“Ppl thinking this is shade & not paid promo…let’s think y’all,” joked another, while a third admonished not Spotify nor Lil Nas X, but the few fans actually falling for the post.

“People don’t realize this is a promo…and it’s working…” they added.

Lil Nas X, you will always be famous … mostly because he can pay to keep it that way.