Though New York Fashion Week may be mere days away, it seems we already have a glimpse at this spring’s hottest trend: turning yourself into a sea creature.

Avant-garde fashion influencer Myra Magdalen headed to TikTok on Tuesday with a glimpse at her latest fit — one best described as a giant squid raver on acid.


♬ original sound - ★ dee

Despite starting off fairly Gen Z with a knitted red miniskirt, a pair of lilac tights, and a ¾ sleeve top emblazoned with a headphone-sporting horse, Magdalen’s look took a turn for the aquatic roughly 30 seconds in, when she decided to adhere a plastic sea creature to her top.

“You know how this skirt kinda gives coral reef, ocean vibes? That’s what I wanna run with here,” she said before flaunting her first accessory, a hyper-realistic squid purse worn square across her chest.


♬ original sound - Myra Magdalen

After positioning “some of his legs around so it looks more like he’s swimming,” slapping on a floral orange shower cap and a few faux coral clips — “it’s very subtle which I love,” she joked — she decided to further up the ante, adding ribbons, two sets of arm warmers, a pair of plastic seahorses and finally, a massive trout purse before moving on to shoes.

“I’m gonna keep it casual with my lobster slides,” she added before popping them on.

But regardless of whether we’d classify her fit as “wear” or “tear,” we can only hope she manages to steer clear of seals, sea otters and sharks.