Your old sugar daddy can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause he’s dead!

Twitter influencer @buffys recently discovered that there is, in fact, something worse than your sugar daddy ghosting you — your sugar daddy ghosting you because he died.

On Thursday, @buffys decided to take us on a walk down memory lane, sharing the screenshots depicting the moment they learned their ex would no longer be paying their bills. 

“Still can’t believe this is how I found out my sugar daddy died…” they captioned a screengrab of the final text from his number, one purportedly penned by his wife.

“I’m not sure who you are but my husband passed away on June 15,” read the message, one coming after a string of unreplied messages on @buffys’ end.

“Please don’t text his phone,” she continued. “If you are a friend of ours then you should know my number.”

While it’s unclear whether or not the wife was able to put two and two together, uncovering her hubby’s secretly sugar baby, we’re nearly positive of her next moves — running like hell to buy an Ouija board.