Ahh, Jesus Christ: the mascot of Christianity, a one-man wine factory, and a noted foot fetishishist?

During the first quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII, The Servant Foundation, a Christian non-profit, opted to revive their “He Gets Us” campaign in a way approximately no one asked for — blasting free feet pics for the big game’s more than 44 million viewers.

A play on John 13:1–17, in which Jesus watched his disciples’ feet, the ad is your typical PR agency hack job, featuring a variety of figures in vaguely precarious situations dropping everything suds up each others’ tootsies.

“Jesus didn’t teach hate,” read a card towards the end of the minute-long slot. “He washed feet.”

Yet more than calling up their local churches to dedicate their life to our boi Jesus H. Christ, several viewers gleaned something a whole lot different from The Servant Foundation’s spot: Jesus was one kinky dude.

“Jesus was a fucking freak for feet he gets us,” wrote @kianworld shortly after the ad’s premiere.

“A+ to the marketing team that paid $7m to let us know Jesus was into feet,” added @videodrew while @memetazaa opted to point out some — very literal — cinematic parallels.

“Jesus washed feet. he gets us,” they captioned a photo of noted foot guy, director, Quentin Tarantino, perched behind a camera.

But whether or not the alleged son of God was actually into feet, one thing is certain: There are a whole lot of foot fetishists awkwardly hiding their boners at Super Bowl parties right now.