Picture a 1950s gangster. What do you see? Some leather jacket-bound dude with slicked-back hair flipping a coin, no doubt.

While this vintage style has mostly disappeared (save for some of the most annoying people in Brooklyn), there are apparently a few kids trying to bring it back. Well, at least just the coin part.

That’s according to a recent viral Reddit post on the r/Teachers subreddit. In it, u/LuciusDickusMaximus (that’s Mister LuciusDickusMaximus to you!) claims that their classroom is being terrorized by a group of wannabe hustlers who call themselves the “coin boys.” “The newest thing here is a flock of self-proclaimed ‘coin boys’ who carry a quarter on hand at all times and constantly flip it,” the teacher wrote. “They have their entire personality revolve around coins, coin flips and chance.”

This apparently isn’t just a style thing, either. “When we went around doing an ice breaker, 4 or 5 of the kids said some variation of ‘I live by the coin and die by the coin’ as their fact,” LuciusDickusMaximus added.

Such coinage has impacted goings-on in the classroom as well: “Just about an hour ago, when I assigned the first assignment of the school year, one of the coin boys was bold enough to say, ‘Heads I do it, tails I don’t.’ I told him if he flipped the coin he would be getting a call home on the first week of HS. He flipped it anyway and it came up heads (thank god for that at least).”

“But then the other coin boy in that class flipped his coin and it came up tails,” LuciusDickusMaximus continued. “He said the coin has spoken and he’s not doing it. I say very well, enjoy your 0 and your call home — what a great way to start off the school year and your high school career.”

Although LuciusDickusMaximus says that they “hope this dies off soon,” that hasn’t stopped users on Twitter from rallying support for these currency-toting teens, with many making memes about the topic.

Only time will tell what the future of the coin boys holds. Until then, flip on, young soldiers, flip on.