Reigning U.S. Open victor Coco Gauff may have won her match against Czechia’s Karolína Plíšková at the Dubai Tennis Championships on Wednesday, yet there was absolutely no love between her and the umpire, the pair landing in a heated mid-game spat over a bizarre call.

The showdown all began during the game’s second set, in which French umpire Pierre Bacchi called Gauff’s serve as being “out” … but only after Plíšková returned it into the net. While Bacchi was primed for the athletes to replay the point, Gauff was having none of it, taking issue with the decision’s suspicious timing.

“You called it out way after she hit it,” a visibly frustrated Gauff said in the clip.

Despite insisting that he “called it right away” — “As I remember, I called it right away,” he retorted — the tennis star was not convinced.

“You did not. The call was a late call,” she fired back before requesting a supervisor.

Though after five minutes of arguing, Gauff ultimately replayed the point — and later won the match — she wasn’t the only one peeved about Bacchi’s call.

“This is an absurd exchange for this umpire,” tennis icon Andy Roddick wrote on Twitter, slamming Bacchi for not only “lying” but also being “completely wrong.”

“She must have simply said 10 plus times, I’d like the supervisor,”  he continued.  

“That’s not a judgment call. He simply needed to honor that normal request and call the supervisor. Coco did well here.”

We can only hope that much like his late call, Bacchi is OUT of that chair for good.