The Denver International Airport, which opened in 1995, takes up 53 square miles, making it the largest airport in the U.S. airport and the second largest in the world. With all that space, this beast of an airport is home to much more than just your baggage claims and car rental portals. It's a gateway to some dark secrets and wild conspiracy theories. 

The Gargoyles

According to FlyDenver, the sculptures are nothing more than a fun piece of art by Terry Allen. The installation is titled, Notre Denver and includes two gargoyles in the east and west level 5 baggage claim areas. They are said to be watching over travelers' luggage. But some feel as though the unsettling sculptures represent something nefarious and evil. 

Blucifer the Mustang

The Blue Mustang statue that stands outside of the airport has its own sinister history. While the statue was being constructed by artist Luis Jimenez, a section of the fiberglass animal fell down on him and severed an artery in his leg. Jimenez later died from his injuries. The statue was then finished by his children and is said to be cursed. Blucifer may be most known for its bright red eyes glowing against its blue frame. Another ominous character that looms in the aura of the Denver International Airport.

Underground Tunnels

Is there an entire underground network of tunnels below the airport that's being used for the elite, New World Order, and aliens? According to FlyDenver, there definitely is a network of tunnels underneath the DIA. The tunnels allegedly run parallel to the gate trains. However, they claim that the only traffic is that of golf carts and luggage carriers. Many theorists believe that the tunnels contain bunkers to house the elite when the apocalypse eventually happens.

Time Capsule

There are also theories that the airport was actually built by the New World Order. This claim stems from the plaque that covers a time capsule that was set in 1994. The inscription reads "New World Airport Commission", an organization that literally doesn't exist. Why put a fake name on a time capsule? 

The Murals

There are two separate murals which both have two sections. Conspiracies surrounding the murals stem from the 'before and after' aspects of the paintings.

The first mural is titled In Peace and Harmony with Nature, by Artist Leo Tanguma, who created the piece to reflect human's destruction of the environment. Followed by part two which represents rebuilding and rehabilitation.

The theory is that this mural is representative of mass extinction and the elite taking over. The airport once again is a safe haven for when the end of the world eventually comes.

The second of the murals is titled Children of the World Dream of Peace. We see a similar darkness and a depiction of what war can do to humanity.

Part two represents the world coming together in peace and prosperity. However, if we take a closer look at the note that one child is holding, we get a much more sinister ending.

What the heck? "I have learned to hate." So that's the message that travelers in an airport are left with. Conspiracy truther or not, that's some dark and terrifying stuff.

So the next time you fly in or out of Denver, Colorado take a look around, and explore the airport. You never know what menacing or forbidding experience you might have.