If you love crackpot conspiracy theories that can hardly be explained – let alone researched – beyond digging through five-year-old Reddit threads, YouTube essays, and archived 4chan threads, then you've come to the right place. 

At first search, it's unclear exactly what the 'golf rumors' refer to, as there are two potential theories that use both the words "golf" and "rumors." 

The first theory you'll find when searching for "golf rumors" comes from an old r/conspiracy thread that links to an archived 4chan thread from 2017 with a screen-capped post urging people "Do not look for golf rumors." 

The theory is not a secret look into the depraved underbelly of professional golf, despite the theories online that a nameless Politico reporter stumbled across a sex trafficking dungeon in 2009 while covering the tour, as many queries will have you believe, but instead is a theory about a man named Robert Golf who allegedly helped the government invent the "invisible camera."

The theory's origin can be traced back to the 10-tiered conspiracy iceberg list. On the tier 9 page, "Robert Golf rumors, glass camera (Even more caution advised)" is from what I can tell, the first mention online where this theory is found. 

As Wendigoon begins his segment on 'Robert Golf Glass Camera' he makes it clear that this theory has nothing to do with the sport but instead, multiple three-letter government agencies who sought to expand their knowledge of the world. 

The theory claims the government hired a man named Robert Golf who was allegedly a famed psychic and who has since been "scrubbed from existence," to help them on their mission of creating an invisible camera through astral projection. 

According to the theory, Golf's brain was wired into a computer that was capable of capturing his thoughts or vision, and through astral projection he could be used by the government as an 'invisible camera.' 

The kicker and crazy cherry on the golf cake is that the last time Robert Golf was in a government-monitored astral projection he died due to being "out of his body for too long" and since he was still wired in, images of the afterlife were captured. 

So if someone asks you if you've heard about the 'golf rumors' don't ask, "You mean the rumors that the PGA tour is just a front for child sex trafficking?" Instead, say, "Oh yeah, you're talking about that psychic Robert Golf who died while astral projecting for the CIA and then died capturing the only proof of heaven?" 

We doubt either response will go over well.