Dave Davies fought the good fight on Twitter, but the trolls won again. The Guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member of The Kinks was at his wit's end after a known troll account, Pudding Person posted a satirical tweet pretending to have just discovered the band.

Obviously a joke to everyone, *except* for Davies who quickly went on the defensive. To his credit, I'm getting old and if I weren't as in tune as I currently am with the internet I probably would have thought this was a serious tweet as well.

Dave strikes back with the tenacity and confidence of Live Without closing down a Denny's in 2013.

Trolls gonna troll.

Dave is out of f*cks to give at this point. And honestly that's fair. If I had done multitudes of drugs, had sex with thousands of different women, and ended up in the Hall of Fame, only to be bullied by some nerd on an app, I'd probably be salty too. While we're at it, when is Twitter getting that 'sarcasm' font?

It's okay Dave, nobody really knows what Twitter is for. Take the L and move on.