Wow, she's so crazy, like for real. Jessia Simpson (that's not a name we've heard in a while) recently shared a picture of her doing SoyFace while holding a funky coffee mug with the phrase, "The magic is in the hole" circling around a hole in the middle of the cup. Funky! 

How silly, a coffee mug with a hole in the middle, crazy! And well, the message landed with her middle-aged and oh-so-not-getting-laid audience. 

"Wow, it looks so real" one user commented below her post. "Very true," said another. "You ever see a tweet and immediately realize it will be on your feed for weeks?" asked comedian Michael Benjamin. 

We hope not. 

But among all the hilarious (debatable) reactions and quote-tweets, one post stood out among them. A response from the gay-dating app Grinder, simply stated, "I've been saying this." 

Sure, whatever, something-something sex is cool and we're all so slutty for loving it. Borning. All I know is you could fit more coffee in a mug without a hole, but then again you wouldn't get to post about it on the internet.