Post Malone is living his best life. When you have the clout to work with Crocs you must've made it to the upper echelon of being famous. Answering the question that no one wanted to ask, "can Post Malone please make some Crocs?!" Crocs decided to say "yes" to that question. A pairing more confusing than pineapple on pizza seems to have hypebeasts weirdly excited. 

As part of the “Come As You Are” campaign, Post Malone and Crocs use the classic Crocs silhouette that your aunt no one likes has come to love and features six custom Jibbitz™. Jibbitz are like flair for your Crocs. They're for the person who loves Crocs and also wants to look like they work at Fuddruckers.

This surprising collaboration came about when Post tweeted, “U can tell a lot about a man by the Jibbitz in his Crocs.”

The internet was very confused about the new shoes. On one hand it was Post Malone who is a cool dude, but on the other hand you have Crocs. The fact hypebeasts want these Crocs and they sold out in hours is the most 2018 thing imaginable. Crocs and Post Malone, what a weird pairing, What's next? Cardi B collaborating with Big Dawg Shirts?