One restaurant employee got a little too literal with the pumpkin head trend this spooky season, accidentally clocking a customer in the melon with a seasonal gourd.

The accident — which has since gone viral as TikTok’s “pumpkin incident” — all began when service worker Zach Hodges accidentally hackey sacked a pumpkin straight into a patron’s skull, an accident caught on what appears to be his restaurant surveillance camera.

Though in the clip, which was shared without sound, Hodges can be seen rushing up to the customer offering what appears to be a deeply sincere apology, she evidently wasn’t swayed by his words, allegedly heading to the internet to leave a scathing one-star review of his establishment.

@zachodges007 But why wasnt she ready #fired #pumpkin #traphouse #halloween #TRICKortreat #fyp #foryou ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

"I got hit in the head with a pumpkin while waiting on my to-go order,” the patron allegedly wrote, per a screen grab superimposed in the video.

While it remains unclear whether or not Hodges was actually punished for the now-infamous social media accident — he included the hashtag “#fired” alongside his video — any reprimands from the incident were swiftly overturned, the scorned worker ultimately heading back into the restaurant.

“POV: Management lets you come back to work after the ’pumpkin incident’ went viral,” he wrote in the video, depicting his colleagues glaring at him as he walked through the door.

@zachodges007 Please stop calling me Mr. pumpkin #fired #pumpkin #traphouse #halloween #TRICKortreat #fyp #foryou #mrpumpkin #rehired ♬ Follow joefloww_ for clear skin - Joe Floww

While nearly every element of this saga has since been tied into a neat little bow, there’s one question we’ll be mulling over until next Halloween: As @Madison Bailey so aptly asked, “Why is nobody asking where it came rolling from in the first place?”