International fast-food giant Burger King unveiled a new sandwich in Thailand and it is causing quite a stir. The "Real Cheeseburger" isn't really even a burger as it comes with no meat and a ridiculous 20 slices of "American Cheese" (if you can even legally call it cheese).

The new sandwich launched on Sunday (July 9th, 2023), at a reduced price of 109 Thai baht (roughly $3.10 USD). It quickly went viral on social media in Thailand, with many users of various social media platforms posting videos of them trying the new sandwich. Burger King even took to social media to ensure people it was "NOT a joke".

So what do you think? Marketing stunt? Lame Gimmick? Deranged chef loose in the corporate Burger King Kitchen? Who knows, but just thinking about eating all that fake / processed "cheese product makes me want to gag.  

In the usual fashion, people reacted to the news with photos of them trying the said "burger" as well as memes and reactions to the whole ordeal.