Have you ever told a tiny white lie in an effort to get out of something and only found yourself further embroiled? One TikToker made exactly that mistake when he lied to his coworkers, and is now running a fake homemade tortilla scam out of his kitchen.

@adrian_peru Im in too deep. Got 3 order for the weekend already #HomemadeTortillas #Sidegig #Flour #Skeaming #Work ♬ original sound - Adrian

Adrian explains that he brought tortillas to a potluck and told his coworkers that they were homemade by his mom. The tortillas were incredibly popular, so much so that people were asking him to get his mom to make them tortillas. At this point, he let them know that she sells them, thinking his coworkers wouldn’t possibly want to pay for them. He was wrong, and his boss promptly gave him $25 and told him to bring in homemade tortillas for everyone ASAP.

Which is how we find ourselves in Adrian’s kitchen, watching him cook tortillas he bought at Walmart and cover them in maseca in order to make them look homemade. Commenters were pretty amused, with some even arguing that since he’s cooking the tortillas at home, they’re technically homemade, while others felt Adrian’s boss probably wouldn’t be thrilled if he saw the video.

@adrian_peru Took my first Financial Loss because of the sugar, but profit is still up #HomemadeTortillas #Coworkers #Storebought #Growth ♬ original sound - Adrian

In a second video, Adrian gave us an update on how his new small business was doing: profits are up! He revealed that he had to throw some tortillas out because he accidentally dusted them with sugar instead of flour, but despite that, he’s still in the black. He also explained that he isn’t worried about his coworkers seeing his videos because they’re old (in their 40s) and therefore don’t use TikTok. (Are you sure about that, Adrian?)

Some commenters suggested Adrian start making the tortillas himself in order to improve his profit margins, but if he could do that, he probably wouldn’t even be in this situation to begin with.

Adrian hasn’t posted any updates about his homemade tortilla business since that second video, so I’m forced to assume he had to close up shop due to being found out; much like Icarus, he flew too close to the sun. Hopefully someone got a delicious burrito out of the whole thing at least.