Though Threads, Meta’s Twitter competitor, has only been out for less than 24 hours, former TV host, and alleged asshole Ellen DeGeneres has already managed to get ratio-ed to hell and back.

“Welcome to Gay Twitter!” the one-time Disney World ride star wrote in her premiere post on the brand-new platform.

Yet much like her former staff, several of her 648,000 followers were less-than-amused with her joke, decrying it as insensitive and not making any real sense.

“Out of pocket Ellen,” commented content creator Elliot Norris, while @bleakfest opted to remind the star that contrary to almost launching a cage match between Twitter overlord Elon Musk and Meta CEO/TKO denier Mark Zuckerberg.

“This is a different app, hope that helps,” they quipped.  

Meanwhile, writer Evan Ross Katz took a more old-school approach in roasting the star, making a callback to the fateful day she appeared to falsely claim she was not invited to Johnson’s birthday party.

“That’s not the truth, Ellen,” he threaded. 

As DeGeneres continued getting strung along on Threads, news of her immediate ratio made its way to the hallowed halls of Twitter.

“Ellen DeGeneres getting ratioed on an app that’s barely 3 hours old oh it’s BAD for her,” mused @OrangePaulp.

Threads: Not even once ... well, at least if you’re Ellen.