You might think you know the entire story about the Titanic. After all, it's not like people haven't obsessed over this story for nearly 100 years. However, we've compiled all of the evidence, and there is reason to believe that tycoon J.P Morgan was responsible for swapping the Titanic with the Olympic and in doing so caused it to sink.

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White Star Line, which operated both the Titanic and the Olympic was under the control of J.P. Morgan's International Mercantile Marine Company. The theory is that Morgan knew how damaged the Olympic was after colliding with the HMS Hawke in 1911. It was a financial drain, and there was hope that (without hitting an iceberg and killing 1,500 people) the Olympic (renamed the Titanic) would suffer a malfunction and Morgan could still collect the insurance money. 

Here's what we know. Take a look at the Olympic while dry-docked. Thanks to Redditor u/BreizhMac we get a glimpse at the last portholes on the white part of the ship. They are clearly unevenly spaced and take on a 1-2-1-2 formation.

Next up, let's check out the Titanic as it was being built. Look closely at its last portholes. Perfect and evenly spaced.

But let's take a look at the portholes when the Titanic finally left on its ill-fated journey.

The portholes are no longer evenly spaced and resemble the exact formation as that of the Olympic. Moreover, here's what the 'Olympic' looked like after the Titanic sank.

This is a striking similarity to what the Titanic looked like while it was being built. The idea that the ships were swapped prior to the Titanic being launched, isn't too far-fetched after all.

Other parts of the conspiracy are more coincidence than malice, but it is interesting to point out that J.P. Morgan did not board the 'Titanic'. It's a known fact that he had a ticket and a suite booked on the Titanic. Although it has been reported that he stayed in France to celebrate his birthday and spend time with his mistress.

Theories that Morgan planned for his competitors to go down with a sinking ship are hard to grasp. In all reality, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Straus, and John Jacob Astor weren't against Morgan or his thoughts on the formation of the federal reserve. The fact that these men died on the Titanic was merely another coincidence. Although one that probably didn't hurt Morgan in the long run. After all, White Star Line collected a total of £1,000,000 in insurance money once the ship went down.

Again, the idea isn't that Morgan hired a lunatic captain to run the ship into an iceberg. The collision was a twist of fate, and it was obviously a tragedy. But it's totally plausible that the real ship which went down that day was the Olympic. 

The Titanic would actually go on to have nearly a 3-decade run, while the Olympic lies at the bottom of the ocean.