The sleuths of true crime TikTok claim to have uncovered yet another suspect in the unsolved 1996 murder of JonBenét Ramsey, this time tagging convicted child offender Ghislaine Maxwell as the culprit.

Popular true crime creator @crimetimeteatimewithbree headed to TikTok with an alleged bombshell in the case of the late pageant queen’s death, sharing a photo they claim depicts the tot alongside Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime friend who is currently serving a two-decade prison sentence for sexually abusing minors.

“You’re telling me nobody has put two and two together with this photo of JonBenét Ramsey before she was killed?” they asked before flashing an image depicting the 6-year-old posing with a bouquet of flowers as a woman with short dark hair standing in the background. “Look familiar?”

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Though the identity of the mystery woman is still unknown — “Not all women with short, dark hair are Ghislaine Maxwell,” as Snopes so aptly put it in their investigation — this fact check didn’t stop true crime aficionados from whipping out their yarn and cork boards.

“The way I just got CHILLS,” wrote @hannahb0138.

“my eyes got so wide when I saw Maxwell …, ” added @w.a.f.f.l.e.k.

Meanwhile, others began speculating about the implications of her very unconfirmed presence in the snap.

“They were friends with the family I believe. I think Epstein was feigning for poor lil Jon Benet,” wrote @MomsterRod.

“She was sacrificed been saying for years,” added @crazyyankeemomma.

But hey, even on the off chance these conspiracies are correct and Maxwell actually offed JonBenét, look on the bright side: She can’t get more in prison than she already is.