Whopper Wednesday not only stops hunger, it can also save lives.

For those who are unfamiliar, two things happened yesterday. First, there was a shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in which 3 people were killed. Second, it was Whopper Wednesday, where one pays just $3 for the King’s famous burger.

Now, you might not think these two things are related, but the latter event may have saved one UNLV student’s life.

In this Tweet, the user claims that his brother is a student at UNLV. Rather than be on campus during the shooting, however, he opted to go to Burger King in order to score a cheap burger.

Then, when the rest of the students were questioning what was going on or making scared posts while in hiding, OP’s brother proudly displayed his purchase on his Snap story, writing, “It’s McWhopper Wednesday.”

Judge all you want, but not only did OP’s brother avoid a school shooting, he also got a full burger for just $3 — two major accomplishments in today’s America. Given this experience, OP’s brother will likely be sure to keep eating Whoppers until he dies the other most American way possible: heart disease.