There are some people who, for reasons few can understand, choose to be punched. Sometimes, this can be blamed on childish innocence. Other times, the reason for this punching is TikTok clout.

TikToker Michael (@thenameismichael) is the latter case. On his page, he has a series called the “Body Shot Challenge,” which involves Michael getting body shot by random strangers. If he makes a noise, they get a prize. Needless to say, random people try their hardest to get Michael to make a noise — meaning the guy takes punch after punch after gut-wrenching punch, all for an audience of millions of TikTok fans.

@thenameismichael Episode 69 | BODY SHOT CHALLENGE IN THE MALL #fyp #viral #boxing #bodyshotchallenge #mall #money #interactive #mma ♬ original sound - Michael

Comparisons to Idiocracy’s “Ow! My Balls!” aside, the series is a pretty entertaining watch, if only to see Michael try to hold in his reaction after receiving a particularly devastating blow. However, things took a turn in the series’ most recent iteration. Rather than just some random person, Michael invited professional boxer Ryan Rozicki to give him a gut punch.

Rozicki is, simply put, not someone you want to fuck with. He says his record is 18 and 1, and of those 18 wins, 17 have been by knockout. If you want someone to give you a body shot you won’t forget, Rozicki is your guy. And he beat the absolute shit out of Michael.

@thenameismichael ask and you shall receive. Got one of the hardest punchers in the world to try the challenge out…didnt go so well as you can see but still had to let him have all 5 shots. S/O to @Ryan Rozicki for doing this! #fyp #viral #boxing #mma #bodyshotchallange #bodyshot #punch #knockout #professionalboxers #ryanrozicki #challenge #ryangarcia ♬ original sound - Michael

While Michael can generally go for all five shots with little to no noise, he clearly begins to struggle after the first punch. After the second, he fully collapses, later saying that he briefly lost his vision. To give Michael credit, he does insist that Rozicki take all five punches (which he does without breaking a sweat).

In a comment, Michael wrote, “I can’t even describe the pain man.”

He doesn’t need to — the agonizing sounds that came out of him said everything.