Sorry, Criss Angel — it appears the secret to levitation isn’t in wires, light tricks or “magic” but rather a really, really strong fart, a discovery Redditor u/eatingcrayons666 made during one very fateful trip to the bathroom.

On Friday, the pizza parlor employee headed to r/TrueOffMyChest with a haunting confession for the ages — the time he farted so hard it forced him off of the toilet seat.

“I was in the restroom pooping and farting when all of a sudden I felt the big fart come out with an immense amount of pressure and it literally lifted me off the seat,” he explained of the incident. “I honestly didn’t believe that it was possible. I still can’t believe it happened and questioned my health.”

Despite going down “months ago,” u/eatingcrayons666 admitted that he still thought about his gravity-defying toot, one he felt no one else could understand.

“I’ve tried to explain how it felt when it happened but I feel a little lonely about the whole thing,” he added. “I don’t know if I’ll ever meet anyone else who has been through the same.”

But beyond whether or not he is alone, the poster also pondered whether or not this fart was a symbol of something more sinister.

“I wonder what if my body was making something lethal for that to have happened,” he mused. “Did I create a seal with my bigger butt at the time? Dunno. But anyone who says that farts can’t lift you off the ground is wrong. It’s possible.”

Though the post quickly spread on social media, garnering a whole legion of believers –

“Houston, we have LIFT OFF,” commented u/Bravisim — like most great Reddit threads, there was a whole lot more to this flatulent fable than what he outlined in his post.

“I felt the gas leave my body, like it had been there for too long and was ready to evacuate, there was a lot of unexpected force,” u/eatingcrayons666 tells eBaum’s World of his now-viral experience. “The thing is I didn’t feel it from the inside. I hadn’t been cramping, didn’t have any stomach aches so the huge amount of gas that left my body was out of no where.”

Considering the suddenness of his out-of-body — or should we say out-of-toilet seat — experience, u/eatingcrayons66 isn’t surprised at the skeptics, ones including @lowoxygenlevel who denounced his legendary liftoff as just that.

“This is a lie you would have to fart at least 6% of the speed of light to achieve any kind of liftoff,” she explained.

But even with this statistical improbability, u/eatingcrayons666 stands by his experience, one that opened his eyes to the fact that there must be “specific psychics formulas for these types of situations.”

“If I could recreate it for science I would because I’m a liar until proven otherwise,” he avowed, noting that even amid his post’s viral traction, he “wasn’t able to locate anyone on the internet that this has happened to.”

“And people laugh, which I understand, however, again the amount of force leaving my body was ungodly,” the Redditor noted. “And how I didn’t suffer damage to other parts is a mystery to me.”

Beyond cementing himself as a rare truth-teller in the Redditverse — yet another “singularity” he’d have to grapple with — u/eatingcrayons666 had other ideas of how he’d harness the power of the toot: Possibly reviving the art of professional farting.

“If I could recreate it maybe I’d hold a ticketed event and charge an obscene amount,” he added. “Make enough money to help myself and others. I am a creative person so this itself would be a performance art of its own that would attract the freaks and morbidly curious.”

But as u/eatingcrayons666 continues to ponder the improbable physics behind his viral toot, we encourage him to see a doctor.